Payment Processing Technology Experts

JRE Virtual Architect LLC is a payment processing technology specialist. Whether you are a corporation that needs enterprise quality payments automation, or a merchant services provider looking to expand your product offering, or if you are interested in operating your own robust payment processing gateway, we are the right professionals to look to. Here are a few of the solutions available to you. Keep in mind that the list continues to grow and EVERYTHING is flexible to your particular needs or specifications.

Turn-Key Hosted Payment Portals
The first option for accepting ACH and Credit Cards online is a highly customizable, privately labeled, hosted, turn-key payment portal solution that can be set up in minutes. This payment portal can be used to collect payments with both electronic checks and credit cards in one place. Simply add a "Pay Online" or "Donate Now" button or link on your existing website and you are ready to go. Payments are processed securely, reporting for both payment types are conveniently consolidated, and the look and feel of the payment portal can be customized to blend with the design theme of your existing website. Get your money faster and reduce costs!

Automate Inbound Telephone Payment Processing!
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is one of the most efficient and automated methods of accepting payments by telephone. Not to mention, processing both ACH and Credit Cards in one system makes it that much more streamlined. Now your customers can pay for their invoice or other receivables bill without having to speak with a live representative. This process allows payments to be submitted over any touch tone telephone quickly, easily, and securely. Full customization flexibility is available!

Shopping Cart Integration
Integrate ACH and Credit Card processing into your online store! We currently support osCommerce, Zen Cart, and Magento which are three very popular shopping carts available for FREE download. After downloading and deploying your new online store, simply install the payment module plugins quickly and easily to enable your customers to pay with either a check or a credit card during checkout. Expand your online sales and audience by offering ACH as an alternative payment method and reduce your merchant fees at the same time. Have another shopping cart brand or a custom online store? We integrate!

API Integration/Web Services
JRE makes is easy to integrate any online application or back office solution for check payment processing and credit card processing. We provide API specifications and even example code for several of the most commonly used programming languages such as VB.NET, C#, ASP Classic, and PHP. We will also provide you with a dedicated technical support contact who will be available to answer questions or provide direction FREE to make sure that every goes smoothly with your payment processing integration project. Need the integration flow to work a certain way? Have I mentioned that flexible customization is at your discretion!

Transparent Redirect
Transparent redirect enables your company to process credit card information on your own website without passing the sensitive information through your server, allowing you to easily remain in compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations. Through transparent redirect, absolutely no cardholder data is transmitted through your server, but is redirected through our secure servers, which helps you avoid many of the liabilities that come along with storing and/or transmitting credit card data. After the payment is successfully processed, the user is then redirected back to a URL of your specification along with PCI safe transaction response data. Maintain complete control, but take advantage of our security!

Mobile Payment Processing
JRE makes it easy to collect payments by ACH or Credit Card in one tool on the go. There is no need to invest in expensive equipment. The Mobile Terminal is specifically designed for the iPhone, iPad, or Android. Simply login and process your payments in the field. Why wait until your service personnel return to headquarters with a stack of paper invoices and carbon copies. Get your money faster and have access to realtime payment data and productivity, all the while reducing costs and conserving resources.

And much more!

Sunday, January 21, 2018
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